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Oxycontin, Oxycodone Roxycodone - 420medications@gmail.com

Postby FastShip » Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:37 am

Email - 420MEDICATIONS@gmail.com


Oxycontin Old Formula OC / CDN brand - 6 months from going STALE. Still perfectly fine.

    Oxycontin/Oxycodone 80mg x 25 - $475 [b]with 2 extra 30s! AND FREE 2nd day SHIPPING!!!

    Oxycontin/Oxycodone 80mg x 32 - $625 FLAT with 4 extra 30s AND FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!!!!

    Oxycontin/Oxycodone 80mg x 75 - $1250 with 10 extra 30mg's Free same day delivery [/color][/size]

Roxicodone 30mg (A215 and M30)

30 tabs oxycodone IR - $380
50 tabs oxycodone IR - $550 (free second day shipping)
75 tabs oxycodone IR - $725 (Free overnight shipping)

Orders of 100 or more and further discounts apply.

Fentanyl Gel and Loli's

1600mcg lolis = $35 each, 10 minimum.

100mg GEL & MATRIX patches are $315 per box of 5 patches, discounts for 2 or more boxes.

Opana 40mg - Yellow Stop Signs

22 tabs - $500
50 tabs $1050

Now stocking Roxicodone 30mg Oxycodone 80mg and Opana 40mg. Please inquire about pricing.

Email - 420MEDICATIONS@gmail.com

*Currently not taking orders for less than $250 too many orders to deal with smaller amounts*

Accepted Payment
:, Bitcoin or Western Union for international customers



Looking to buy oxycontin or oxycodone online? Then you've come to the RIGHT place!

If you are looking to buy oxycontin/oxycodone on the web and need quality OLD FORMULA PURDUE OXYCONTIN, fast shipping delivery, and professional care... then I am your guy! I've been in the business for several years now, and never disappoint my clients!

I also cater to custom orders but these are my special deal pricepoints.

I've been known in the past for my dedication to my clients for ensured business, and I will handle your order in the most HASSLE FREE manner possible.

Please take the time to review the many pages of customer feedback that's available.
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Can you really buy oxycontin online?

Postby metsfan » Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:39 am

Never tried this before, is it safer then roxicodone? what's the difference?
found this article:

How safe is it to buy oxycodone or buy oxycontin online?

If you want to purchase oxycodone online, users shift to heroin use after pills are reformulated

Changing the formulation of the tablets containing the heavily abused narcotic painkiller oxycodone (branded Buy OxyContin online) has led to a dangerous shift to heroin use among abusers of the drug.

Prior to the change, users could easily bypass the time-release design of the pill by crushing and shorting, crushing and smoking on tin-foil, or even dissolving in water and injecting intravenously. Buy Oxycontin This way, the user can get an immediate high that is quite powerful.

"Opioid drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions in the US and Canada. Over the past few years, prescription opioid painkillers have taken the frontline in this surge in abuse if you wanted to get oxycodone easily," said Const. Ray Dillers of the DC Drug Task Force who is no stranger to buying oxycodone online.

Purdue Pharmaceuticals, the principle manufacturer of oxycodone pills (under the brand name "OxyContin") redesigned the pills to make them harder to use in other ways than intended. Over time, it became easier for users to buy oxycodone on the internet. This has made a huge change in the market place for those who are looking for a high. Though some have given up, most have moved on to other opiates of pain medication such as fentanyl patches, opana er, etc --some prescription, but most moved to heroin. It is generally cheaper, and certainly more readily available.

While that has been the trend to buy oxycontin online through 2010 and 2011, statistics from a study carried out by Florida University of Medicine show that a new wave of illicitly manufactured oxycodone may be shifting the market back to their "oxy" favorite. While some would suffice to use Percocet (another branding) instead, many have been requiring higher doses of the drug when trying to purchase oxycodone online.Most being manufactured in India, China and even Mexico, and smuggled into the US, users are now able to get oxycontin and get instant release tablets at affordable prices. Local dealers as well as bulk online sellers are trafficking these pills, which often are counterfeits of the Purdue branded pills, but do actually contain the active drug so it's safe.

with this as an option, some have moved back from heroin, preferring the oxycodone high so they buy oxycontin online. With the influx of availability due to being able to, and being able to buy at better prices than ever before, is definitely trouble for the war on drugs. Research programs are looking at many avenues to help resolve these issues, but of course it is a very complex issue that will take time to overcome.
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Opana40-Oxy80-Roxi30 shipfastrx32@gmail.com *TopSeller*

Postby deb from ca » Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:40 am

Hi please send me a message too I am intrested in the oxy and like you have a big escrow to protect me against any loss. That is a great idea more forums should adopt it would cut down on the bull sh*t. I am intrested.
deb from ca
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Opana40-Oxy80-Roxi30 shipfastrx32@gmail.com *TopSeller*

Postby HighLife » Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:42 am

I have seen you on drugbuyers for a longtime and now here too. I am new here and looking around can you PM me that way we can talk business thank you! :lol:
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Opana40-Oxy80-Roxi30 shipfastrx32@gmail.com *TopSeller*

Postby FastShip » Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:43 am

Great deals if you're looking to buy oxycodone online! Give me a shout!
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Opana40-Oxy80-Roxi30 shipfastrx32@gmail.com *TopSeller*

Postby polo » Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:44 am

yo,,, email me shane.harner32@aol.com i would like some of those mean greenie's
asap please......................................................................................
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Opana40-Oxy80-Roxi30 shipfastrx32@gmail.com *TopSeller*

Postby FastShip » Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:45 am

polo wrote:yo,,, email me shane.harner32@aol.com i would like some of those mean greenie's
asap please......................................................................................

Hey polo, PM me so we can do business!!!
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Opana40-Oxy80-Roxi30 fastshiprx32@gmail.com *TopSeller*

Postby evo2010 » Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:46 am

pm in your box lets get this done!!!!!!!!!! I dont fuck around looking to buy oxycontin if you got green meaniesss.
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Opana40-Oxy80-Roxi30 fastshiprx32@gmail.com *TopSeller*

Postby evo2010 » Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:48 am

Hell Yahhhhhhhh! DANQU youre the best man..! :P :P :P love tha oxycotton that came in the mail.
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Opana40-Oxy80-Roxi30 fastshiprx32@gmail.com *TopSeller*

Postby evo2010 » Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:49 am

Fedex just showed up!!! The order is top quallity..!

buy Oxycodone is a medicine that belongs to a group of medicines called narcotic pain killers. Your doctor may have prescribed oxycodone for you to manage moderate to severe pain because your condition needs constant, around-the-clock pain relief. purchase Oxycodone online is taken when people are expected to need pain relief for a long time.

Oxycodone comes as the brand names Oxecta®, OxyContin®, Oxy fast™, and Roxicodone®. Oxycodone may also be combined with other medicines including acetaminophen, aspirin, and ibuprofen. These combinations come as different brand names.

purchase Oxycodone comes as tablets, capsules, and liquid forms. buy Oxycodone comes as both rapid-release and extended-release forms.

Oxycodone is not meant to be taken for immediate pain relief or on an "as-needed" treatment for pain.

Always take oxycodone exactly as your doctor tells you to. Swallow oxycodone tablets or capsules whole. Never break, chew, or crush oxycodone. Doing so may release the entire dose of oxycodone at once, which could result in overdose or death.

If you miss a dose of oxycodone, take it as soon as you can. If it is almost time for your next oxycodone dose, skip the missed dose and take the next dose at your regular time.

Store oxycodone at room temperature.

Your doctor will decide what dosage of oxycodone is best for your medical condition and adjust your dosage depending on how oxycodone is working to relieve your pain. Let your doctor know if you are concerned that oxycodone is not working as well as it once did.

When taking buy oxycontin online as needed, remember that pain medicines work best if you take them when you first feel pain. Waiting until the pain gets worse may cause it to not work as well.

OxycoNtin online is known as narcotic medicine because it can dull your senses (mood and feelings). Oxycodone online changes how the brain and central nervous system responds to pain.

Over time, your body may become used to oxycodone online, and you can become physically dependent on it. Never stop taking buy oxycodone online suddenly, because you could become sick with withdrawal symptoms. Physical dependence is not the same as drug addiction. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about becoming dependent on oxycodone.

Oxycodone may cause drowsiness or dizziness. Do not drive or operate machinery until you know how oxycodone affects your body.

Do not drink alcohol while taking buy oxycontin. Combining alcohol with oxycodone can cause serious side effects or death. Give your doctor a list of all the medicines that you take. Some medicines are not safe to take with oxycodone. Others may interact with oxycodone and change the way oxycodone works in your body.

Serious side effects to oxycodone may include:
Difficulty breathing or slowed breathing
Hives or rash
Swelling of the face, throat, lips, tongue, eyes, hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs
Fast or slow heartbeat
Difficulty swallowing
Loss of consciousness
Contact your doctor immediately, or call 911 in an emergency, if you have any of these serious side effects while taking oxycodone.

More common side effects of purchase oxycontin online may include:
Loss of appetite
Dry mouth
Mood changes
Talk to your doctor if any of these side effects get worse or do not go away while taking oxycodone.
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